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Stacey Jane specialises in developing voices from a young age to adulthood. With specially selected voice exercises just for your voice we can create a vocal training program to let you gain confidence, stamina, you will extend your range and your dynamic control.

Learn to master riffs and runs and develop your unique sound, all the while by having fun in a professional music studio.

Become the vocalist you always dreamed of whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

Have you ever wanted to sing your favorite artist but lucked out due to limited range and control?


Katie Punnuci HSC Music Student

KT P.jpg
I was 15 in 2016 when I starting voice training with Stacey Jane, and I never thought I’d be able to develop so much in that time and achieve the things I have today! She's shown me how to preserve my voice, and has given me the tools to exercise safe vocal training on a daily basis.
She is such a nurturing mentor, who has challenged me to stretch beyond what I thought I was capable of. As a result of Stacey Jane’s vocal training and guidance I achieved a Band 6 (95.5%) in HSC Music  I also received a nomination for ENCORE. I can guarantee I wouldn't be as confident in my voice as I am today without Stacey Jane as my voice coach and I am excited to continue vocal development in 2017 with her.

Keira Bellifemine Singer, Actress, Dancer, T.V Host

I started with Stacey Jane when I was 11 years old. Stacey-Jane is the BEST singing teacher in the universe!S he is a kind, beautiful and caring person. I don’t just think of her as a singing teacher, I think of her as a friend. I have improved SO much since starting with her in 2011. Stacey has helped me with my confidence and also with my vocal range. I can now sing much higher than I used to. She helps me understand all of the singing words and if I don’t understand something I'm not afraid to ask. Stacey-Jane makes singing lessons fun and she makes me want to practice my singing every day where in the past it use to feel more like a chore. If you want to go to singing lessons and become the best singer that you can be, then I highly recommend you to go to the best singing teacher that there is, STACEY-JANE! THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH STACEY-JANE!

Stacey Jane's students have performed on Australia's Got Talent, X Factor, The Voice Australia, Lead and backing vocalists in The Schools Spectacular Australia.

In stage musicals Annie, Matilda, Hairspray, Mary Poppins, Alladin, Alice In Wonderland, The Lion King, The Phantom of The Opera, The Adams Family, Shrek the Musical, The Wizard of OZ, Bring it on the musical, Little shop of horrors, Sweeny Todd, The King and I and Pinocchio. They have won countless singing eisteddfods such as The Sydney City Eisteddfod.

HSC music students of Stacey Jane Vocal studios have received band 6 in music one and two, and music extension for the last 10 years running. Lets work on making this happen for you.

Many of my students have successfully received offers for WAAPA in Musical Theatre, Aim, JMC, The Sydney Conservatory of Sydney, Queensland Conservatory and Macquarie University.



Gabriella Montablo

Since 2009, Stacey Jane has continually supported and strengthened me to become the singer I am today. Prior to joining Stacey Jane, I did not feel comfortable whilst singing as I was constantly straining my vocal cords and shouting to reach the high notes. Luckily, my parents found Stacey Jane as they knew I needed help in improving my singing technique. I am so thankful they found her!

Stacey Jane has dramatically changed the way I sing. I enjoy singing so much more now that I constantly find myself singing, even whilst travelling on the train on my way to school. Stacey Jane has taught me how to safely reach notes I never thought I could, how to produce warm sounding tones, how to sing comfortably with almost no effort at all, and most importantly, Stacey Jane has encouraged me to always believe in myself.

She truly is a SINGING TEACHER SUPERHERO. The amazing singing technique she teaches and her bubbly personality keeps the atmosphere enjoyable in every lesson. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today. I would definitely recommend Stacey Jane to anyone who loves singing, you will not regret it.

Thank you so much Stacey Jane for supporting me all the way through! I could not have reached were I am today without you.  xxxoo

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At Stacey Jane Vocal Studios you can work towards that elusive ‘x-factor’ audition, learn how to keep your voice at optimum performance standard for a heavy gigging schedule and discover parts of your voice you never knew you had. Vocal exams are also an option upon request.


Many of my young students have developed into professional performing, touring and recording artists.
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