singing lessons for Children


Stacey Jane offers singing lessons for ages 10 years and older.

Would you like you child to learn life long valuable singing skills that they can develop in a fun and interactive music studio environment?


Stacey Jane Vocal Studios offers private singing lessons in a professionally equipped studio. Your child will learn the most effective singing technique. They will learn any genre from Pop to Musical Theatre in a fun and nurturing music studio.

I pride myself on the ability to be able to focus on your children’s needs. I know each child is different, that’s why each lesson is individually tailored to suit your child's vocal ability. I strive to educate each and every young voice to reach their full potential.

It is important to start with the best foundations and to build an ever-lasting vocal quality that will always be apart of the developmental process of the young voice to adulthood. Stacey Jane has been trained to work with young and developing voices and understands that each voice is precious and needs to be trained accordingly.


I specialise in developing voices from childhood, adolescence and through to adulthood. Teaching voice requires years of dedication, training and research. The voice coach must be able to identify quickly what is missing, and apply what is necessary for each voice to develop a successful and healthy balanced singing voice.


Singing just for fun or hoping to be the next big vocal superstar we can arrange a vocal program just for the specific needs of the individuals voice.

Vocal Exams- Internationally recognised.

Stacey Jane offers structured lessons for exams in singing and music theory examinations.

Singing Exams are an excellent way to work through nationally recognised levels in singing and music craft. These exams develop a high skill level in your singing and you receive a certificate upon completion. Stacey Jane work's with AMEB, Rock School and Trinity College London for vocal exams. As you work through the levels you will develop foundational skills through to diploma level in a nationally recognised and standardised singing program.




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Kristelle Starling

I started singing with Stacey Jane just over a year ago. Stacey Jane is such an inspiration to me, she has taught me techniques and skills to strengthen my voice and also how to take care of my voice which are helping me develop into a stronger singer. Stacey Jane has given me the confidence I need to follow my dreams and I know that with her coaching and mentoring I can.I have experienced some amazing singing opportunities so far because of Stacey Jane.I love every lesson I have with Stacey Jane and definitely recommend her as a coach to anyone who is passionate about singing.



Lauren started singing with Stacey Jane in 2013. She has taught her personalised techniques that have changed as her voice has developed and strengthened, ensuring that her young voice is protected. Stacey Jane has amazing attention to detail, ensuring songs are articulated correctly. This has successfully given Lauren various opportunities with eisteddfods and musicals. Stacey Jane has given Lauren the confidence to believe in herself as a singer. I would most definitely recommend Stacey Jane as a vocal coach for a young singer. Kelly Jenkinson.




My daughter Jessie has been attending vocal coaching lessons with Stacey Jane for about 3 years now and the results are amazing. Jessie has great control over her voice and knows what to do and not to do with her vocals and i find that very important.Jessie has been given some great performances opportunities by Stacey including singing the National anthem at the Sydney Blue Sox baseball home game on NYE, Jessie has also been successful in being cast as a lead role in two musicals. Stacey not only nuture's Jessie's passion for singing but guides her in the right direction. Her honesty and passion for her students is one of the reason we love going to her and i would recommend her to all my friends. Jessie's confidence has grown so much with Stacey and that in itself is priceless. Susan Vulic.


Joshua Dickenson

I started singing with Stacey Jane about 6 months ago, and I have loved every lesson. She is such a great teacher that within that short period of time, I have flourished; being cast in my first professional production with Opera Australia and doing well in numerous eisteddfods. She has gotten me to work harder than ever before, learning technique and becoming a better, more confident singer. I DEFINITELY recommend Stacey Jane to anyone who loves singing and wants to work with someone engaging and inspiring.


Lauren Baker

We knew from quite a young age that our daughter had a talent for singing.

From being auditioned and picked for the school choir in Kindergarten to a Specialist Group with the Australian Girls Choir at the age of 8 we thought that some one on one lessons would help her to improve even further.

Lauren first started singing with Stacey Jane at the age of 10 and it wasn't long before we noticed much more strength in her voice. Lauren has grown in confidence and her voice has matured to a level, much beyond that of her 13 years.

Securing the lead role of "Annie" with Dural musical society at age 11 has so far been the pinnacle of Laurens singing career and this certainly would not have been possible without the help of Stacey Jane.

Stacey Jane has challenged and encouraged Lauren to be able to achieve things we certainly didnt know she was capable of. We will soon need to purchase another bookcase for all the trophies she has won at Eisteddfods and competitions.

Thanks Stacey Jane we are very glad we found you!

Wendy Baker




My name is Lesley Chen. I was looking for a new singing teacher for my 2 girls Sam (16), Alisha (10) end of last year after spending 5 years at another singing school. I knew the girls were in good hands after their first lesson with Stacey Jane.

Stacey Jane clearly has a gift for music, not only she’s a great vocal coach, she’s so passionate about her teaching. The girls look forward to their lesson every week and I see them improve right in front of my eyes every single lesson.

Sam is in year 12 this year, all her music teachers noticed the difference in her singing after her first school performance this year. She surprised everybody, her singing was at a different level after just 3 months. By working with Stacey Jane, Sam became more confident in herself, she now believes she can do well in HSC with the help of Stacey Jane. This started to show in her marks and rankings in her school work.

Although I’ve only known Stacey Jane for 5 months, I can honestly say I adore this lady. I respect her for her professionalism and her work ethic. It’s a blessing to be taught by Stacey Jane. I would recommend Stacey Jane to any one that needs a vocal coach. We love you Stacey Jane, you are simply amazing.


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