The Artist Development Program


Developing and nurturing the musical artist with Stacey Jane

Be mentored by Stacey Jane, a voice coach, vocalist, songwriter, International recording artist, and music producer with over 25 years experience in the entertainment industry



The Artist Development Program is an intensive weekly one to one session with Stacey Jane which includes

  • Private expert voice training with Stacey Jane
  • The vocal program will be written specifically for YOUR Voice
  • Develop your artistry skills
  • Vocal Health and Stamina
  • Recording Techniques
  • Songwriting
  • Music Arrangement
  • Staging
  • Band Consulting
  • Vocal Arrangement’s  
  • Image consulting
  • PR Consulting
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Music Producing
  • Vocal Production
  • Expert Industry Guidance
  • Film & Television Techniques
  • Microphone Techniques

And much more...

Become the vocal artist you want to be and captivate the world with your individual style

If you wish to audition please complete the application below

Applications Open Now for 16 years and over


I have been going to Stacey Jane since 2009 when I began to discover my passion for music through singing. Stacey has helped me beyond my own belief in strengthening my vocal control, vocal endurance and overall capacity to sing. Stacey as a teacher is nurturing in her methods and allows creativity in developing oneself as an artist. I can honestly say I wouldn’t know where I’d be without her as my coach. Since attending lessons I’ve managed to hit notes inconceivable, where my range has heightened and have even discovered vibrato where I had none before.

Since going to Stacey I’ve managed to fulfill a lot of my musical goals - being the vocalist of my band Fifth Dawn, playing live shows, supporting bands such as Hands Like Houses and Columbus and recording and releasing an EP where our song ‘Turbulence’ was featured on Triple J as one of 2015’s Unearthed High Finalists. I am currently working towards an album and have endless heights to discover!

At the first point of discovering I could sing I had sought out Stacey through a mutual friend whom recommended me to her. I’ve been very fortunate in having that training from the start as I’ve avoided many vocal issues and problematic areas singers can face. Technique and training is the key and I believe every serious singer should have this training if they want to protect their voice and flourish with singing. Stacey is able to provide all that and so much more.

I would recommend any and every type of singer to Stacey Jane. She is fitting for every vocalist where interests can vary from operatic, contemporary to alternative rock. If anything, she encourages diversity being that it helped my confidence in testing new waters. She has been the greatest asset to my singing career and in that has changed my life. I wouldn’t know where I’d be without her.


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