Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of how to sing correctly or an experienced professional singer looking for a vocal coach who can take you to the next level, Stacey Jane has got you covered.

Learn how to sing correctly using world renowned singing techniques, from pop to Opera, to complete beginners to professionals.

Are you finding it hard to sustain notes, or lacking range and dynamics?
Can’t reach the high notes without strain and discomfort?
Do you want to learn to develop your voice, prevent vocal damage, extend your range, be stylistically free to sing anything and have a lot of fun while in the process?

Stacey Jane understands each voice is unique and requires a different approach to achieve success. With many years of studying the voice, and a passion for teaching Stacey Jane is able to help you to gain control of your voice right from the very first lesson!

Some of Stacey Jane’s students have had great success on the popular TV Programs, The Voice, X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent. They have also performed on stage in Disney USA, Disney Japan, Universal, Carnival Cruise Ships. In musical productions, Mary Poppin’s, The Phantom of the Opera, The Wizard of Oz, Wicked, Legally Blonde The Musical, CATS, Beauty and the Beast the Musical and Annie the musical. They have been Number One on the Australian Country Music Board, charted on I Tunes Australia, Triple J Unearthed Finalists, and have toured internally throughout Australia, Japan, Europe and the USA.


Come and join in with the great success of many of my clients. Gain confidence and control, develop a healthy and sustainable voice, extend your range, enhance your vocal style, build life long learning skills and find YOUR one true voice.

Crystal Wilson

I have been attending vocal lessons with Stacey Jane now for over 3 months and being a very shy singer previously, I was hesitant to even attend!

I had been singing for about 15 years and although I wasn't confident I did question what a vocal coach could really do with my voice?

I started to feel and hear the difference in my voice after my first couple of lessons and I was immediately so much more confident about singing.

From the very first interaction with Stacey Jane I was welcomed by her lovely, down to earth and funny nature. I couldn't wait to come back for my 2nd lesson.

My singing range and capabilities just keep improving with every week. Even though we enjoy a laugh Stacey Jane never lets that get in the way of correcting me and ensuring I am not picking up bad habits with my vocals. I love her straight to the point style of coaching and her genuine concern

about looking after your voice and your body to ensure you are singing properly and not damaging your voice. I look forward to my lesson every week as I know I gain so much from every session with Stacey Jane.

Not only have I found a great vocal coach, I have found a mentor and friend.



Krystie Steve- Singer, Songwriter

"I came to Stacey with specific goals and problems I wanted to tackle.  Being a full time singer you can pick up bad habits and manipulate correct technique into a lazy techniques. 

My very 1st lesson I hardly had to explain what I wanted as she took the reins and adjusted me straight into a way of singing I've never felt such comfort in.

Each lesson my voice strengthens and I often surprise myself with where it's going.  She really focuses on what I want as a singer and how I can achieve certain things in my career. She has been extremely supportive of my work in the recording studio as well and ensures all areas of my career path are being covered. 

Without sounding cheesy... The BEST teacher I have ever had :-) Stacey comes from a wealth of knowledge.

I wouldn't waste my time with anyone else."


JOSH PAUL- Recording Artist & Producer

Stacey Jane goes beyond just being a vocal coach. She partners with you bringing a priceless caliber of both experience and passion turning the dreams of young hopefuls into a reality. I wouldn't go to another coach if you paid me.
I have been training with with Stacey Jane since 2014.
This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
I thank Stacey Jane for the development of my voice, I never imagined I would be singing so well, and without Stacey Jane It wouldn't be possible. Singing and performing has been so much fun and fulfilling knowing that I now can sing the songs from opera to pop with confidence and full colors.
Thank you Stacey Jane.





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